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Shady Stories & White Lies

The stories behind the stories

Fool's Gold

It's no secret that I'm starting to get up in years, just the least little bit. I hadn't retired yet when I wrote this song, and I was already experiencing some things that were directly opposite the hype ya hear about the "Golden Years". Hence, Fool's Gold. The most important part of the song for me is the final verse's reference to seeing "a friend in a home the other day". This is specifically talking about my sweet mother,  and all the other mothers and fathers who end their lives stuck in a nursing home, especially those in the dementia wing. What a sad, and humiliating way for viable human beings to end their lives.


I read about a guy and his family returning from vacation, driving thru the mountains out west. Suddenly, a boulder came crashing down from above, and hit the guy/husband/father in the head, immediately ending his life. That sucks! 
Sometime later, a friend of the Michigan music community, Denise Marie Stein died after a long battle with some pathetic disease. Like the guy in the car, she was way too young to leave the earth. This song explores how I would feel if that happened to me. I guess the title pretty much describes it. I suppose this opinion goes against how a person should feel if he believes in the ever-after. Frankly, I couldn't give a rip.

Parisian Subway Ball

When I was still working for a living, (notice the broad smile?), I spent quite a bit of time in Europe. My favorite place on earth is Paris. One of the many reasons for this is The Metro. The Metro is an exquisite network of underground tunnels and subway tracks. They're safe and there's no graffiti. Imagine that. Even more important than that is the large number of entertainers down in the tunnels. Some of them are very good! Anyway, I saw this older guy playing down there, and I wondered what his story was. How, and why was he there. Here's why I think he's there.

Take Me Home

I wasn't born in Texas, but if you spend much time there at all, you become a Texan. I have some fantastic memories of my time down there, which I call. "God's Country". So, where am I? Where have I spent most of my life? In the &%$!!! north! 
I despise the north, except for it's 8 weeks of summer. I think Henry Ford should have had his head examined for starting the industrial revolution north of the Mason/Dixon. Anywho, this tune talks about my desire to get back down south.


In 1867, people were not at all accepting of sexual preferences that deviated from the norm. This song introduces you to a young lady who is paying the ultimate penalty for her desires. Originally it was called, "Menage a Trois", but I wasn't sure how that would be accepted, even today. Besides, naming it that would take away the element of surprise, wouldn't it? :)

Bad Wine

A few years ago, Sandy and I were at a local restaurant. I took a hit of my wine and said, "hmm, that's pretty good". Sandy asked, "Is that the house wine?". I said, "yes, and I'm glad it isn't the outhouse wine". I have no idea where "outhouse wine" came from, but Sandy immediately said, "you need to write a song about that!". So, here it is. It also includes a true story about me getting schlockered while playing in one of my first bands .

The News

Why is it that nothing sells but bad news? It seems the media is all over someone else's misfortune, and to hell with the good stuff. Well, I long for some good news but I'm not having much luck finding that magical station or website. I'll keep looking, though.

She's Gone

Think about the man who watches is wife of 60 years deteriorate from her battle with Alzheimer's.

The Secret

Remember the movie Deliverance? What sticks in my mind is the image of that boy, sitting on the porch, playing the banjo. (Actually, he wasn't playing. There was a guy behind the kid who reached his arms around and played.) The actor was playing a young man with obvious mental, and/or social problems. For the sake of this song, I assumed this kid could only communicate with his music. There are a huge number of real people who fall into that category, and I look forward to the day when they find a way for these folks to bust out of their shells, and show us what their real skills are.

I'd Fit Right In

After a 35 year hiatus, I re-started my music interests in 2005, at 57 years of age. It wasn't like things had stood still and waited for me to catch up. I was at least twice as old as some of the great, new talent flooding the market. How in the heck does an old guy get recognized in this young-person's game? Well, I came up with a few good ideas, and stuck them in this song. However, the jury's still out on whether they'll work.

Queen Of Bummerville

How did Miss Kitty get to Dodge? Why'd she hang around? Seems we can blame it all on the Black Plague.

Got No Home Blues

I was readying about a stock broker who lost everything, and found himself homeless, out on the street. How could that happen to such a prominent, successful person? Who knows, but you can catch his story right here.

Walk With Me

My guess is that folksong writers all want to pen a tune that the audience walks away humming. That was exactly my drive when I wrote "Walk With Me". I don't know if I accomplished my goal, but if nothing else, it sure seems like a good sing-along. It deviates from my normal style, in that it isn't a story song, but change is good, sometimes.:)



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