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List of cover tunes

One Of Them Nights
All lyrics, music, instrumentation and art by Robert Marr


One Of Them Nights  Lyrics/Chords           Listen

  1. Big Land

  2. Everybody's Headin' Somewhere

  3. Fair Weather Man

  4. Amsterdam

  5. Foolish Child

  6. You Ain't Got It Bad

  7. I Took A Chance

  8. Beijing

  9. Let Yourself Go

  10. Tearin' 'Em Down


One Of Them Nights was released in October, 2006. Check this out for the story behind each song.

Could You Forgive?
All lyrics, music, instrumentation and art by Robert Marr except Jesse James lyrics by Billy Gashade, and lead guitar in "Trains" by Nick Marr.

Could You Forgive?       Lyrics/Chords       Listen

  1. Could You Forgive?

  2. Trains

  3. Ain't From Where I Am

  4. Jesse James

  5. Mister, Would You Play

  6. Only The Good Days

  7. Pull Me A Pint

  8. Stuck

  9. Queen Of Venus

  10. Somebody Told Him

  11. The Wedding Song

  12. The Speedwell

"Could You Forgive?" was released in the October, 2008. 
What caused me to write these songs?

Live at FFMS

All Music and Lyrics by Robert Marr. Recorded at Flint Folk Music Society's venue. January 19, 2008. There's a story for each song.


                    Live at FFMS

  1. Big Land

  2. You Ain't Got It Bad Blues

  3. Foolish Child

  4. Bad Wine

  5. Mister, Would You Play

  6. She's Gone

  7. Somebody Told Him

  8. The News

  9. Trains

  10. Nice To Meet You

  11. Thanks For Another One


Pere Noel
All lyrics, music, instrumentation and art by Robert Marr


 Pere Noel      Lyrics/Chords     Listen

  1. Away in a Manger

  2. Under The Mistle Toe

  3. Do You Hear What I Hear

  4. Above The Shepherds

  5. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

  6. Pere Noel

  7. O Holy Night

  8. Sing For Him

  9. The First Noel

  10. The Journey


Shady Stories

All lyrics, music, art  and instrumentation by Robert Marr except backup vocals in Got No Home Blues by Julie Adams

Lyrics/Chords         Listen      Review

  1. Fool's Gold

  2. Furious

  3. Parisian Subway Ball

  4. Take Me Home

  5. Taboo

  6. Bad Wine

  7. The News

  8. She's Gone

  9. The Secret

  10. I'd Fit Right In

  11. Got No Home Blues

  12. Walk With Me

What are the stories behind the stories in Shady Stories & White Lies?


All lyrics, music, art  and instrumentation by Robert Marr except "No Man's Land" which was written by Eric Bogle with copyright held by Larrikin Publishing

  1. Black Is The Color (Trad)

  2. Foolish Child (R Marr)

  3. Health To The Company (Trad)

  4. Black Velvet Band (Trad)

  5. Pull Me A Pint (R Marr)

  6. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad)

  7. No Man's Land (Eric Bogle)

  8. I Never Been To Ireland (R Marr)

  9. Carrickfergus (Trad)

  10. Ballad For Katie (R Marr)


What are the stories behind the stories in Celticism?

Songanon Compilation


This is a compilation CD featuring songs written and performed by several members of Songwriters Anonymous. It was produced to help support A3 Radio, an internet radio station based in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. A3 Radio is driven to support local music. It's successful existence is based almost entirely on support from people like you and me.

Your purchase of this CD will help ensure that A3 Radio will continue to provide the world with excellent acoustic music. Only $10 for a worthy cause!  Go For It.  A3 Radio

Everything Is Alright
Mother Earth
Crazy Wisdom
Dog is My Co-Pilot
Alpena Colada
In The Shadow Of No Towers
Better Angels
Remember Me
Auf Wiedersehen
She's Gone
Energy Dance
Sliver Or Slice
Ivor's Demise
A Dog Named SAR

Angela Predhomme
Judy Insley
Dan Hazlett
Ben Hassenger
Kathy Weiland
Jere Stormer
John Dobat
Bobby Pennock
Keith Parmentier
Robert Marr
Lyn Sawicki
Mickey Richards
Chris McGorey
Mike Ewing


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